Welcome to Metsa Noma Tribe

Connecting seekers on the path of personal and spiritual growth.

Hey there, fellow seekers of wisdom and wonder! 

Welcome to Metsa Noma Tribe, a digital sanctuary where we're all about embracing the magic of personal growth, healing, and self-discovery, with a special focus on the incredible teachings of plant medicine, especially Ayahuasca. 🌿✨

So, who are we? We're Team Metsa Noma, a bunch of apprentices of the Sacred Plants, and we're beyond thrilled to have you here with us. Imagine us as your enthusiastic tour guides on this cosmic journey of inner exploration.

In this corner of the internet, we've built something truly special. It's not just a network; it's your digital home, where you can kick off your shoes (or sandals) and join the tribe. Here, we live and breathe authenticity. Every question, every "aha!" moment, and even those moments when life feels like a bit of a puzzle – they all have a place here.

Our mission? Well, it's simple. We're here to help you grow, discover, and connect. Together, we dive into the deep sea of knowledge, share our experiences, support each other, and create unforgettable moments during our transformative ceremonies and events. We're all about that mind, body, and spirit harmony.

And guess what? Our mission isn't confined by borders. We're on a quest to inspire purposeful and fulfilling lives, whether you're tuning in from the Netherlands, Peru, or anywhere in between.

So, grab a cozy spot around our digital campfire, introduce yourself, and let's make some magic happen. Welcome to Metsa Noma Tribe – where growth is fun, connections are real, and life's mysteries are waiting to be unraveled! 🌟🌌